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R&K Polymer

R K Polymer was originally established in 2008, supplying plastic protected glass bottles to the chemical industry and the drinks bottling industry, as well as providing protection for a wide variety of specialised laboratory apparatus.

RKPolymer UK distributers for ArdaghGlass

We have always been flexible in our approach to manufacturing, from producing ‘one off’ small batches through to national and international sales and ongoing supply of contracts to
multi-national companies

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Glass is the preferred medium for many products as it is inert, nontoxic, easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to recycle.  Glass is made from sustainable raw materials.  It offers unparalleled purity and quality product integrity.  Glass has always had one major drawback, glass breaks, and glass shatters and when that happens it causes a mess, or much worse, an injury!  But now we have a solution-    Our bottles are coated with tough polycarbonate that can withstand high impact, and here’s the best part, should the glass ever break, our coating keeps all the shards contained and away from human touch. So there is drastically less chance of injury or mess.

The plastic coating faithfully follows the contours of the bottle, completely covering any difficult shapes. The protective coating on the bottle has a good resistance to most solvents and only the most aggressive acids can affect it after a significant period of exposure. This means that the bottles contents, even if hazardous, will be contained within the protective 'skin' in the event of an accident. In addition it has a high tear strength and exceptional clarity.

The coating has the added advantage of raising the breakage threshold of the glass container making it safer in transit.

RKPolymer UK distributers for ArdaghGlass

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